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Investment Management

Fund managers operate in a highly competitive and constantly evolving landscape. Our inter-disciplinary team is focused on addressing the regulatory, structuring and transactional challenges facing funds managers, allowing the client to focus on achieving the highest returns for its investors.

We advise on a fund’s full life cycle from formation and registration to liquidation and distribution. With years of domestic and international experience in structuring funds for all asset classes, the firm’s investment professionals employ commercially minded solutions to not only maximize the client’s strategies, but also design an investment vehicle to suit the client’s strategic needs to make it truly bespoke.

Additionally, we assist investment managers on transactional matters ranging from trading arrangements to tax sensitive acquisition structures, which affords the firm insight into a variety of markets and the trends shaping them. We incorporate this knowledge into our guidance so as to enable our clients to maintain a competitive edge and possess a fund that is suitably equipped to participate in a constantly changing competitive landscape.

Launch and Beyond

Understanding what is required to successfully launch a fund means that our oversight of the formation process allows sponsors to focus on engaging with investors and operational architecture. With timeliness and commerciality in mind, our team advises managers on optimum structure, distribution channels and service provider arrangements.

Drawing on our experience of advising institutional investors, (including pension funds, family offices and educational endowments) on their alternative allocations, as well our knowledge of the particular needs of retail investors, we factor these requirements into your investment product so that it meets expectations. We also advise managers on compliance with responsible investing goals.

However, our support does not stop at launch. Our clients know we are with them throughout their journey. From far-reaching projects such as the engaging with regulatory investigations and the development of risk management frameworks to day-to-day matters including executive compensation and data privacy, we are equipped to deal pragmatically with any and all matters of concern to our investment management clients.

Investor Representation

The options available to investors are vast. Our rigorous due diligence helps institutions to choose wisely.  Our extensive experience of representing pension funds, family offices and endowments covers all asset types and forms of investment from subscriptions in comingled vehicles through to direct and co-investments.

We look under the hood of an investment, identify the risks and suggest the best ways to mitigate them. Our advice ranges from distinctly legal issues such as structuring for optimal participation (e.g. blocker vehicles, separate accounts) and the negotiation of investments terms through to providing commercial insight on fees and a fund sponsor’s operational and risk management processes. Our advice extends beyond the pre-investment phase to encompass the lifecycle of an investment addressing governance issues including conflict of interest transactions, key person events and restructurings.

We also assist our institutional clients with the incorporation of their own best practices in matters of governance, internal controls and operations. This includes compliance with ERISA and other regulatory matters.