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As tax lawyers at Zukerman Gore Brandeis & Crossman, we collaborate closely with our business and individual clientele to minimize the income tax liability of their day-to-day activities, provide long-term strategic planning advice, and virtually everything in-between. We leverage years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of federal and state tax laws – combined with a thorough understanding of our clients’ strategic and financial objectives – to help them successfully navigate ever-changing federal and state tax laws and regulations and provide creative and tax-efficient solutions. We also assist the firm’s corporate attorneys to ensure corporate clients and family-owned businesses minimize tax implications through careful structuring and planning.

Corporate Taxation

We guide corporations, partnerships, individuals, funds, LLCs, LPs, [nonprofits,] and other entities through the full range of  income tax issues, including risk reduction, tax-efficient operations, structuring transactions, and domestic and international investment planning. Routinely we assist our clients with issues relating to the formation, operation or dissolution of a business, including bankruptcy, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, often encompassing international and cross-border elements.

Employment Tax

We regularly advise employers on the full spectrum of employment and income tax issues relating to hiring and firing of employees, tax withholding, executive compensation, severance, the use of independent contractors and temporary workers, employee benefits, and more.

Trusts & Estates

Our tax attorneys excel at guiding individual clients through a wide range of federal and state transfer tax matters: wills, trusts and estates; personal planning; charitable giving and planning, investment opportunities, and more. We are adept at communicating complex tax issues in a straightforward manner –to assist our clients’ decision-making, advising them on estate administration, the creation of trusts suited their needs, and the transfer of wealth to beneficiaries in the manner they desire.